Team Playground

🤖 "Decauville Intergalactic Fair ! Imminent arrival in Voisins-le-Bretonneux, France!" ⁠
A very strange clamor appeared in our cities, carried by a series of Postertroopers sticking, well, posters everywhere. Our local relays in Alfortville have been able to trace this to the door of the Workshop. ⁠
But what is BODOC up to?⁠
Security breach at the workshop? 🤔
I believe you are well aware of trooper XR0164 adventures now... What a mess!⁠
🚨🚨🚨 Stormtroopers facing the greatest perils of inspection work⁠
🛸 Flying troopers at work! 🛸⁠
🧑‍🚀“How splendid! Great work trooper!”⁠
👩‍🚀 “Beware you’re heavier than me! And what the cardboard hell are you doing here? Who’s gonna lift us back there??”⁠
🕶️ 😅⁠
Little big escapade, at the top of the TIE fighter.
🌑 BODOC: “I think we are entering a dark mess”⁠
🤖 Metallic voice: Firetroopers! Firetroopers! Bring a dual linerboards fire hose immediately to coordinate GF48.80 / JI2.41!⁠
By the Binocles! What is this all about?⁠
These are critical times: a mice rebellion broke out creating a complete mess; Bodoc is lost in a dimension where time doesn’t exist.⁠
We may be on the right (and obviously dark) side of the Force, it doesn’t mean that failing the deadline is without consequence. We all remember what happened to coffeetrooper for being late ☕ 🕗 💥️.⁠
The coming weeks need to be quiet, real quiet to remain below the radars. Meanwhile, the full team will try to catch and bring our chief back into time.⁠
“Rescue team! Rescue team! Coffeetrooper overboard!” 🍩 ☕⁠
Or how to dwell on the dark side of the drink…!⁠
🤏🏿 🗣️ “All I am surrounded by is fear.”⁠
During his visit, Darth Vader has not only inspected the construction of his TIE Fighter but went on a full workshop tour. Even our starship cutters pilots were interrogated as the presence of a traitor is feared!⁠
👨🏻‍🏭: Reporting critical issue: running out of glue!
👨🏿‍🏭: Alright. Scanning last shipment delivered.
🤖BLIIP ! 🔮➡️👻
👨🏿‍🏭: ... small problem expected ahead. No stock existing on the platform.
👨🏻‍🏭: Oh maaan, that's a damn piece of dark sided news! This time it's your turn!
“The magmatic, inspiring chaos where all of this comes from. It can't be tidied, it can't be cleaned - in fact, do never even think about it, as you will strangely start to feel that you're missing air ☢️”⁠
It is not that we disagree with Bodoc per se, but soon there will be no place for this air if the cleaning squad wasn't operating behind his back!⁠
🔫🔫 Heavily guarded hot glue stock.⁠
News has spread among the Rebels that Darth Vader’s spaceship was being constructed anew - the Empire sent more troops to ensure security. Better safe than sorry!⁠
So, we found (finally!) a solution for the team: hot glue blasters, and yes, it's a thing 📦🔫⁠.⁠
Would you recruit stormtroopers for your projects?⁠
I do not trust them with my hot-glue gun right now, so they'll have to do with a simple tube.
"Leave the electronics to me"⁠
I outsourced the electronic parts to The Dark Lord himself. Can't be too carful with that.
I think I need to find them tiny cutters.⁠ Would be easier. Any suggestions?
Little bit worried about the deadline, so I recuited this team to help me with the TIE Fighter sculpture. Do you think they will increase efficiency?⁠