Episode 4 — 10.27.2020

The Spherical Enigma

Hi there, Edouard speaking, I'm taking over the newsletter because Jean Bodoc can't find the time to write anymore.

"But, how is he going to make the spherical cockpit?!"

I think this is the question I was asked the most since he started the project. And each time this answer cuts the air like a light saber:

"I'll manage, like an x-wing flying through a Death Star's trench."

Well it is true, this cockpit shape is no piece of cake. But by way of hot glue, and lots of pieces of cardboard... the sphere appears.

Truth be told, even if the deadline is near, he still insisted on wasting time adding lights (small red leds) on the cockpit interior panels. I try not to judge.

I'm pretty sure you can feel the dark side here...

Cardboard pieces I was talking about, above and below

Photo by Julie Lefort

Photo by Julie Lefort

Anyway, working for Darth Vader is, by definition, asking for trouble. The dark Lord is going to visit the workshop soon, so I must go, Jean Bodoc asks me to give him a hand.