Episode 3 — 10.12.2020

9th lbs of glue (4th kg), here we go!

So, did you make any progress?

I'm finishing the structure of the cockpit and the arms between the cockpit and the wings.

Photos by Julie Lefort

The cockpit is 4 ft (120 cm) wide. It's just like doing bodywork but with cardboard!

I'm starting to upload quick videos on how I built some features of the spaceship. If you're curious as to what a day in my workshop looks like, you can check it out here!

But, where does all this cardboard come from? (hint: not from Tatooine)

Well, it's all used packaging gathered across the galaxy! But mostly, Benjamin has become my official supplier. He assembles kitchens, among other things, and once finished delivers the cardboard right to the workshop (in imperial quantity, please and thank you).

Photo by Julie Lefort

That's it for the moment! Don't forget the share the project with your fellow Stormtrooper friends ☻